We developed and built a four-seat aircraft, the TR230, for test flying. It perfectly suits as a platform for development, certification and marketing of highly innovative technologies in aircrafts.

Our Team incorporates a network of highly-experienced aviation experts. Our fields include aircraft design, aerodynamics, loads and structural design utilizing state-of-the-art CAD, CFD, and FEM methods. Certification expertise according to CS-23 and FAR-23, prototyping and flight testing also belong to our fields. Innovations like hybrid and electric power will be implemented in and achieved by a new prototype aircraft called Traveler Hybrid. Advanced flight control systems and avionics with capabilities to fulfill future SESAR and NextGen Airspace requirements are our interests of research and development.

Redefining a new way of comfortable, reliable, quiet, clean, easy and individual mid-distance travel by air for businessmen is our aim and passion. Sophisticated systems will help to reduce pilot training to PPL level even during instrument meteorological conditions.