I can assist you with the following tasks:


–  Building volume models or surface models (you would need to provide a Catia® V5 licence).


–  Preparation for air-flow simulation (CFD) using volume or surface models and a mesh generator.


–  Air-flow simulation with ANSYS Fluent® and the recording of results such as pressure, forces and various coefficients in tabular form.


–  Pictorial representation of the simulation results with FieldView®.

–  Production of reports and presentations on the design and simulation results.


–  Writing of manuals (flight manual, maintenance manual, etc.).


–  Assistance with the Type Certificate (TC), Supplemental Type Certificate (STC), Major and Minor Changes (MC): production of the requisite documents, testing for compliance with construction regulations such as CS 23 and CS 25.


–  Assistance with flight testing: compilation and analysis of results.


–  Sound understanding of current avionic engineering from a variety of manufacturers (useful when selecting equipment to be integrated) because I am familiar with the pros and cons of different equipment in operation.


I offer my engineering services for 137.- € / hour. If I need to travel by car, the travel expenses are 0,50 € / km. All prices include VAT.