Further information and licensing

Proficiency Check and Assessment of Competence


These webpages include further information on check flights or Proficiency Checks as well as Assessments of Competence for the purpose of revalidating and renewing the following qualifications. I can also help with obtaining your licence in the first place, where necessary following discussion with the responsible authority.


Test flights are always preceded by a detailed briefing in which the entire sequence of events in the test and the associated requirements are discussed and any queries are resolved.


The test flight is followed by a detailed debriefing and documentation of the test.
All Proficiency Checks and Assessments of Competence proceed exactly in accordance with the content of the test protocols, which can be downloaded from www.lba.de


To assist you in your preparation, the main points in the various Proficiency Checks for class ratings and C525 type rating as well as the Assessment of Competence for flight instructors will be answered by e-mail.



Information on taking a skill test, revalidating and renewing licences or qualifications in accordance with EU VO Part-FCL.


Since 9 April 2013 the skill test and the revalidation and renewal of pilot licences and qualifications have been administered in compliance with the EU regulation Part-FCL.


The most important new conditions relating to the skill test and the revalidation and renewal of qualifications are:

In the case of an initial skill test for a licence or qualification, once training has been completed and the candidate has registered for a test, the responsible authority will assign an examiner. If the application is to upgrade a qualification (e.g. from SEP IR to MEP IR), then the candidate may select their own examiner and agree with them directly a date for the test flight. It is important to ensure that the examiner’s qualifications are adequate for this role. An IR skill test (initial IR test on each separate class) can only be approved by an IRE. A CRE is not sufficiently qualified for this role. Examiners’ contact details and qualifications are shown in the list of approved flight examiners on the LBA home page.


If a candidate does not satisfy the necessary requirements for revalidation, then a Proficiency Check may be performed instead. In this event a Proficiency Check should be performed by any chosen examiner at any time within the last three months before the expiry of the existing qualification. A Proficiency Check must always be performed when revalidating an MEP or IR qualification.


The following special condition applies to SEPs: in order to revalidate an SEP licence, in addition to the required 6 hours PIC, 12 take-offs and landings, a training flight of at least one hour’s duration must be completed with a flight instructor within the period of validity of the qualification.

In this case, however, the revalidation can only be carried out by the responsible authority on payment of the relevant fee since manual entries on licences may only be made by flight examiners.

A flight instructor may only revalidate a qualification if they are also qualified as a flight examiner.

It is therefore more straightforward and cost-effective to take a Proficiency Check with a flight examiner because the flying time in an SEP Proficiency Check is generally less than an hour and the qualification can be revalidated by the examiner immediately by manual entry.


If a qualification has already expired, then an ATO (flying school) must initially specify the extent of training that needs to be completed before a Proficiency Check is approved in order to renew the qualification. Again, in this event any examiner may be chosen for the subsequent Proficiency Check.

In order to renew a qualification a refresher course must generally be taken at the discretion of flying schools in accordance with the Acceptable Means of Compliance AMC1 FCL.625(c) and AMC1.FCL. 740(b)(1). It is therefore advisable to revalidate any qualification promptly and under no circumstances allow it to expire.


In order to revalidate instructor qualifications, two of the following three conditions must be satisfied:

1. Evidence must be provided of 50 hours of instruction within the three-year validity period of the qualification, of which 10 hours must be IR training carried out within the last 12 months before expiry if an IR instructor qualification is to be revalidated.

2. Evidence must be provided of participation in a refresher seminar for qualified instructors.

3. Evidence must be provided of an Assessment of Competence within the last 12 months prior to expiry of the qualification. This Assessment of Competence can only be performed by examiners with FIE accreditation and is mandatory every second time an instructor qualification is revalidated.


In order to renew an instructor qualification an instructor must attend a refresher seminar for qualified instructors within the twelve-month period prior to renewal of the qualification, and also undergo a successful Assessment of Competence.



New IR regulations:


Training leading to Enroute-IR (EIR) and Competency-Based IR (CB-IR) can now start.


On 13th March 2014 the EASA published Commission Regulation no. 245/2014. This regulates the new Enroute IR (EIR) and Competency-Based IR (CB-IR).


If you have any specific questions about the new regulations please send them to me by e-mail.