Aviation services

The primary focus of BauAir aviation services is on licensing procedures for pilots. From the novice private pilot to the professional airline pilot, I can carry out all aspects of obtaining and renewing licences. The services I offer range from a Proficiency Check according to Visual Flight Rules or an annual IR check flight (Proficiency Check) on various types of aircraft to Assessments of Competence for flight instructors. I work predominantly in the Rhine/Main region but I am equally happy to work elsewhere as required (including your own local airfield).


All the licence-related activities (include Skill Test, Renewal or Revalidation) can be undertaken in TMGs, SEPs, MEPs or C525s:


C525 PIC IR (SP ops / MP ops)

FI (A), SE SP, ME SP, TMG, night, aerobatic (SEP), instructor, IR-instructor

TRI C525 (SP ops / MP ops)


Instruction and training content and dates can be agreed on an individual basis as required. The tasks included in the tests are standardised and are also explained in a pre-test briefing. You should regard your test flight as an exercise and an opportunity to check your own ability. After all, you yourself want to fly the plane safely and in compliance with air traffic regulations.


Once you have completed your test flight successfully, I record the revalidation in your licence and endorse it with my signature. I send the cover sheet from the test record to the responsible authority. You will be given a copy of the test record, which you must keep. If, on the other hand, the outcome of your test flight is unsuccessful, then we can look in detail at the mistakes you madeĀ and arrange a training session to work on those areas.


I guarantee that my dealings with you will be relaxed, courteous, professional and fair at every step on the way; I always endeavour to build the most congenial and low-stress atmosphere possible.


I am happy to help you arrange use of an appropriate aircraft for the test module. Charter prices are negotiated direct with the charter operator.

Needless to say, any flight can also be undertaken in your own aircraft or one that you have chartered independently. The important issue in this case is that the aircraft must be covered by fully-comprehensive insurance with a maximum excess of 5,000 EUR. The liability insurance and comprehensive insurance policies must not be restricted to one specific pilot and must explicitly cover risks associated with instruction and testing.